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Debt Collection & Contract Disputes

Contract disputes or debt collection requires a competent understanding of contract formation as well as what constitutes breach. Sometimes the dispute is over the validity of the contract. Other times there is a dispute as to what the substance of the contract actually is. Other times, the dispute is over whether there was a breach of contract at all. In any instance, this area requires tedious attention to detail along with courtroom litigation skills.

“Not only did I get my fund that were in my contract dispute, I received compensation for court costs. That was the key to a successful outcome for us!”

- James W

Contracts Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to arbitrate if I have a contract?
If your contract has a forced arbitration clause, most likely you will be forced into arbitration. There are some exceptions but it is difficult to get out of those.
Do contracts have to be in writing?
Almost always yes they need to be in writing to be enforceable. However, writing can be over text message, emails or other messenger services so be careful what you agree to in text or email.
Can you recover attorneys fees in a breach of contract claim?
You can recover attorneys fees in a breach of contract claim, whether or not there’s a specific provision in the contract for it.

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