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Whether drafting deeds, interpreting deeds, buying or selling real estate, litigating boundary disputes, handling foreclosures or landlord/tenant disputes, real estate is a specialized area of law which requires significant attention to detail as well as a strong ability to negotiate and communicate with banks, courts, and opposing parties. The laws as well as zoning regulations are often complex and interact in ways that can create major headaches for business owners or residential property owners.

“We had 4 properties to divide up but two I owned before we Married. Beau Helped me keep the properties in my family where they should be. Beau is a great divorce Lawyer… especially if you have assets at stake.”

- Chris F

Real Estate Law FAQ

How is real estate divided in divorce cases where both spouses names are on the property?
Property is transferred via deeds. Often the house is awarded to one party on the condition they refinance it to pay the other. In that case, the party not getting the house would execute a ‘special warranty deed’ to transfer the house. The party receiving the house would execute a ‘deed of trust to secure assumption’ to assume the liability on the house and continue paying the mortgage pending the refinance.
Someone built a road or fence on my property, is there anything I can do?
There absolutely is. There are claims for trespassing, trespass to try title among others to force them to move or work out a deal where you are compensated for the land of yours they are occupying.
My house is getting foreclosed on but I’ve made all the payments, is there anything I can do?
You can get a temporary restraining order by suing the bank and putting up a bond to stop the foreclosure sale. You still have a long road ahead but at least you can get some time to get the issue with the bank sorted out without losing your home.
I co-own a property with someone and want to get my portion out, what can I do about it?
You can sue in what’s called a ‘partition’ lawsuit and attempt to have the court force the sale of the property to get your interest out of it.

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