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Child custody arrangements are one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce or any other situation where two parents are not together anymore. These arrangements and the process of making them can put both parents and children on edge.

When a divorce occurs, the Family Court’s will first complete a custody agreement that serves the best interests of the couple’s children.

At Fiegel Law, our knowledgeable child custody attorneys can secure the best child custody arrangement for you and your child(ren). With years of experience, we know how to navigate the family court system and local judges.

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Beauregard Fiegel, Helotes Child Custody LawyerAttorney Beauregard Fiegel is a seasoned family law litigator who strongly advocates for fathers’ rights. While also practicing in probate, civil, and criminal law, his true passion lies in family matters.

At Fiegel Law, we understand that family law is intricate, involving complex emotions and impacting various aspects of your life. We’re here to support you through this challenging process, ensuring you know your rights and have the autonomy to exercise them.

No matter what type of custody issues you face, we have the skills and compassion to guide you. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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Modifying Child Custody in Texas

Helotes Child Custody Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change a child custody arrangement. Under certain circumstances, the law allows new custody arrangements. Using a Helotes child custody attorney to make these changes can increase your chances of the court granting the desired arrangement.

Legal Reasons for a Custody Agreement Modification

Neither you nor your ex-spouse can request a change to your custody agreement whenever you might feel like it.

Texas Family Code only allows a request for modification under specific changes to the family circumstances, such as:

  • One parent moves
  • One parent remarries
  • One parent accepts a new job or loses a job
  • Change in work schedule or salary for one parent
  • Illness or disability
  • Conflicts between a child and a step-parent or parent
  • Substance abuse of one parent
  • Special needs of the child
  • Failure to comply with the custody order

Even if both parents have an agreed-upon new custody arrangement, everyone involved should want to get it approved and documented by the court.

Your child custody lawyer can determine if you have a situation that warrants a request to modify your custody arrangement and can submit the request to the court on your behalf if so.

Collecting Evidence to Support a Modification

Collecting evidence and working with a lawyer will be vital to your success if you are in a custody dispute. Make sure all communication is in writing, either by email or text message, and save it in a safe place.

This will show the court how the current custody arrangement is not working, especially if one parent fails to comply with the arrangement.

You can also take notes, keep a calendar, and even take pictures as acceptable forms of evidence to support your claims.

For instance, note the days the other parent cancels their time with the children or is late. You can also request that your child’s school keep records of any tardies or absences when your child is in the other parent’s custody.

What is a Conservator?

Child Custody in HelotesA conservator is someone the court appoints, usually a parent. Their job is to care for someone who cannot care for themselves. A conservator generally has custody of the child.

A child might have joint conservators, usually both parents. They can also have a single conservator, depending on the family circumstances. More detailed information is in the Texas Family Law Code, and you can discuss conservatorship with our custody attorneys.

Conservatorship, also commonly known as custody, can be ordered by a family court judge in a:

The court may award a conservatorship for other reasons.

The judge will always side with the child’s best interests. If you are already in a parenting plan, you can request a modification under certain circumstances.

Reasons for Sole Conservatorship

Family court judges sometimes grant sole conservatorship to one parent or a non-parent if there is a legitimate reason for doing so. The sole conservator can make critical decisions about the child’s life, such as education, religion, and healthcare. They can also decide where the child should reside and typically have a right to receive child support.

The court might name a parent or another party as the sole managing conservator if the other or both parents:

  • Commit family violence
  • Commit child abuse or neglect
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Are absent in the child’s life
  • Have a history of extreme conflict between them concerning educational, medical, and religious values
  • Don’t want joint managing conservatorship.

If you believe the judge should grant you sole conservatorship, an experienced Helotes child custody attorney can help.

    Can You Move for a Job and Take Your Child?

    Helotes Child Custody LawyerUnderstanding that the courts cannot keep you from moving is important. However, the courts or your child’s other parent can keep you from taking your child with you when you move.

    You are only allowed to do this with the permission of the court. There is no standard answer to this question. However, when you discuss your desires and plans with a seasoned custody attorney, they can determine the best course of action.

    Whether you are allowed to take your child and move will depend on:

    • Your current relationship with your child
    • How far you will be moving
    • How the move might affect your child
    • Your motivation for moving (Are you trying to keep your child from the other parent?)
    • What the other parent thinks about you taking the child with you
    • How often your child will see their other parent and the transportation plans

    Approval for Parental Relocation in Texas

    You can seek approval for your plan to relocate by agreement or through the court system. Your child custody lawyer can assist with either option. If at all possible, agreeing between parents is easier, less expensive, and not as time-consuming.

    However, that may only work if you have an amicable relationship with your child’s other parent. If you can work out a new custody arrangement based on your relocation, you can submit it to the court for approval and go on your way.

    If you can’t work things out, you must file a child custody modification request with the courts. You will need to wait for the court to hear your request, and you are at their mercy for what happens next. The best thing you can do for yourself and your child during this time is to hire excellent legal representation to fight for your rights.

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