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Personaly Injury Claims

Whether its car wrecks or slip and falls, sometimes its necessary to have an attorney deal with major businesses or insurance companies when you’re injured at the fault of someone else. The best results in this area of law come when the defendants and their attorneys know your attorney is willing to take the fight to court and doesn’t back down in negotiations. Too often, unfortunately, people take smaller settlements because the other side knows that they’re too afraid to tee the case up and get in front of a jury. You need a strong litigator willing to take the case to court if/when necessary.

“[…] they didn’t want to be responsible for the conditions i was working in and were not going to pay my bills. Beau scheduled court and I got my settlement the day before Court.”

- Maxwell M.

Personal Injury Law Frequently Asked Questions

How long do these cases take to get the settlement?
As with most things in law, it depends. Sometimes insurance companies are reasonable and make appropriate offers quickly and you’re able to settle in a few months. Sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes you need to get a lot of medical work done to establish what your damages really are before you can even start settlement negotiations.
The insurance company offered me money, should I still get a lawyer?
There may be some really small cases where you shouldn’t, but almost always the answer is yes you absolutely should. Insurance adjusters will absolutely attempt to take advantage of you and lowball you if you aren’t represented.
What is a contingent fee compared to a retainer?
Personal injury cases are often handled by the attorney on a ‘contingent’ basis. Simply put, the client doesn’t pay anything unless you win. The upside is no up front cost to the client. The downside is the lawyer gets a substantial fee for taking the gamble and fronting all of the costs.
How are my medical bills paid in a personal injury case?
This can be handled several ways. Often times the attorney can provide a ‘letter of protection’ to the medical provider and pay them out of the settlement. Other times the medical provider can put a lien against the settlement and get paid directly.

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