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Navigating a divorce is frequently a complex endeavor. The process can become even more challenging when one or both spouses are in the military.

If you are in such a situation, you should always clearly understand how Texas military divorce laws may affect your case and how to safeguard your legal rights throughout the process.

Seeking legal counsel from a seasoned Helotes military divorce attorney can provide invaluable guidance. The empathetic and experienced legal team at Fiegel Law has experience assisting individuals facing this unique circumstance.

We are proud to offer comprehensive support tailored to the specific challenges of military divorce cases, ensuring that we protect your rights and interests every step of the way.

Why Choose Fiegel Law?

Beauregard Fiegel Helotes Military Divorce AttorneyChoosing Fiegel Law as your military divorce lawyer is a decision based on experience, skills, and unwavering dedication.

With a proven track record in handling complex military divorce cases, Attorney Beauregard Fiegel brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His deep understanding of both family law and the intricacies of military life equips him to navigate the unique challenges that arise in these situations.

Fiegel Law prioritizes open communication and personalized attention, ensuring clients feel supported and informed throughout the process.

This commitment to client satisfaction and steadfast advocacy for parent’s rights sets Fiegel Law apart as a reliable and trusted partner in achieving the best possible outcome for your military divorce case.

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What Sets Military Divorce Apart?

The military divorce process in Texas is subject to a range of distinctive laws, both at the state and federal levels. Divorce documents must have personal delivery to an active-duty service member; the law permits no alternative method of service.

In cases where an active-duty spouse is deployed overseas, this requirement can potentially impact the timeline of the divorce proceedings. Additionally, it may extend the response time for a service member following service of process.

According to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), active-duty service members have an additional 90 days to respond to the service. Furthermore, they have the option to request a court-ordered delay in the hearing process until their return from deployment.

What if My Spouse Resides in Another State?

To initiate a divorce proceeding in Texas, one of the spouses must have established legal residency in the state for at least six months. Additionally, this same spouse must have resided in the specific county where the proceedings will occur for at least six months.

In the case of a military divorce, you can file in Texas if you are currently stationed within the state or were deployed from there. As long as one party fulfills the prerequisites for filing a divorce in Texas, the residence of the other spouse is inconsequential.

Child Custody in Texas Military Divorce Cases

In Texas, matters regarding child custody, child support, and spousal support follow similar procedures for both military and civilian divorces.

Courts still determine child support payments according to the guidelines in Texas law. However, the aggregate amount cannot exceed 60 percent of the service member’s income.

The involved parties must collaborate on a formalized parenting plan, which outlines the specifics of custody, visitation, and conservatorship. In cases where the service member anticipates deployment, it may be necessary to incorporate provisions that address this circumstance.

    Property Division in Texas Military Divorce Proceedings

    Texas military divorce lawsIn a military divorce in Texas, the property division process closely mirrors that of civilian divorces, with only a few exceptions.

    Generally, any property held separately by the parties from their spouse is typically not subject to division, provided they can provide adequate proof it is separate property.

    Community property, including real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, and more, is subject to court-ordered division unless the parties mutually agree on the distribution.

    The primary distinction in military divorce cases lies in allocating military retirement and health insurance benefits.

    Whether a non-service member spouse can receive a portion of the service member’s retirement benefits hinges on various factors, including the duration of the marriage and the extent of time the service member spent on active duty during the marriage.

    The service member may also have to provide healthcare coverage for a dependent spouse and any minor children. For specific insight into how property division laws apply to your individual circumstances, consult our seasoned military divorce attorney in Texas.

    Suppose you qualify for a portion of your spouse’s military retirement and health insurance benefits. In that case, your Helotes military divorce attorney will advocate vigorously to ensure you receive the entitlements you deserve.

    The Benefits of Consulting a Helotes Military Divorce Attorney

    Whether you’re a service member served with divorce papers or seeking information about divorcing a service member, call us for legal advice.

    An experienced attorney is ready to guide you through the intricacies of military divorce. Given that Texas state and federal laws can substantially influence the financial repercussions of a divorce, you should always seek professional assistance.

    Having an attorney on your side during a divorce is imperative to understand and protect your rights. They can help you see the situation for what it really is and not just the lens of your emotions.

    Are You Facing a Military Divorce? Contact Fiegel Law Today for Help

    Avoid jeopardizing your future and that of your children by attempting to navigate the intricate divorce process alone. This is especially important when you or your spouse’s military status affects your divorce case.

    Instead, immediately contact Fiegel Law today at (210) 699-7291 or online for a complimentary, confidential consultation with a Helotes family law attorney . We have the knowledge and skills to handle your military divorce from beginning to end. You can count on us to do all we can to reach the best resolution to your divorce.

    “II Found out I was getting a Divorce in October while stationed. Mr Fiegel was able to make time to educate me on Military Divorce. By November it was me who filed. I am happy it is over.”

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