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After a trial court issues its ultimate decision in your divorce or other family law case, know this doesn’t necessarily mark the end of the road.

Should the final judgment arise from a substantial legal mistake, you may bring the matter before the Court of Appeals, potentially leading to a reversal of the trial court’s ruling.

The appeals process can uphold justice in Texas family courts.

If you find yourself in need of a Helotes Family Law Appeals Attorney, look no further than Fiegel Law. Our team of devoted legal professionals has experience handling conflicts within Texas family law, including family law appeals.

Why Choose Fiegel Law?

Beauregard Fiegel Helotes Family Law Appeals AttorneyChoosing Fiegel Law for family law appeals matters brings many benefits to the table. Attorney Beauregard Fiegel is a passionate father’s rights advocate known to fiercely pursue the rights of his clients.

With a track record of success in navigating complex legal processes, including appeals, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle your case.

We understand the intricacies of family law, and our dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients sets us apart. With Fiegel Law, you can trust we will handle your appeal with skill, precision, and a deep commitment to protecting your rights and interests.

Our team can handle the challenging legal proceedings and issues, such as:

  • Appellate filings
  • Preparing and drafting briefs for the appellee
  • Preparing and drafting briefs for the appellant
  • Developing and organizing a comprehensive record on appeal
  • Preparing and conducting oral argument
  • Preparing and filing petitions for review

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Family Law Appeals Cases

Helotes Family Law Appeals LawyerMany people believe a divorce or family court judge issues a final ruling. Depending on your case, you may appeal, potentially leading to a more favorable outcome.

During the appeals process, the appellate court does not re-evaluate whether the original trial judge arrived at the correct decision. Instead, it determines if an error might have led to an incorrect judgment.

A lawyer can explain when to appeal a ruling. If you’re contemplating an appeal in your divorce case, seek advice from a divorce appeals attorney promptly at Fiegel Law. Even getting your case before an appellate court presents huge challenges.

You might appeal divorce rulings in Texas on several legal grounds, including.

Improper Evaluation of Evidence

An appeal may succeed if your attorney can demonstrate that the trial judge made a mistake in assessing the available evidence. Texas family judges seldom misinterpret local laws, so winning on these grounds presents enormous challenges.

Inconsistencies in Spousal Maintenance or Child Support

While modified judgments are often hard to obtain through appeals, exceptions may arise. For example, if an appellate court finds that the original alimony amount deviated significantly from a typical award under similar circumstances, it might consider a modification.

This also applies to child support judgments, especially if judges did not follow Texas’s state guidelines.

Most individuals who have gone through a divorce decide not to appeal. However, if a trial judge has clearly demonstrated a lack of judgment or failed to assess the evidence accurately, you may achieve an improved outcome in your divorce case.

Therefore, seek guidance from an attorney well-versed in the Texas family court appellate procedure to determine the feasibility and wisdom of appealing.

    What Can a Helotes Family Law Appeals Attorney Do for You?

    Helotes Family LawFamily law appellate lawyers handle appeals to higher courts, such as the Texas Court of Appeals or the Texas Supreme Court. While their primary role involves reading records, preparing briefs, and delivering oral arguments, their skills extend far beyond that.

    Here are some key areas where an appellate lawyer on your trial team can help you:

    • Pleadings: An appellate lawyer can provide valuable assistance with complex pleading matters early in the case. They can address jurisdictional challenges, prepare pleas to the jurisdiction or special appearances, and help lay the groundwork for appeals.
    • Complex legal issues: Acting as a crucial member of the trial team, an appellate lawyer can take charge of intricate legal matters. This allows the trial lawyer to focus on presenting factual issues while the appellate lawyer handles legal research, briefing, and coordinating evidence.
    • Dispositive pretrial motions: Appellate lawyers can play a strategic role in preparing summary judgments before trial. Even if unsuccessful, this process can help refine legal strategies for trial and potential appeals.
    • Pretrial appeals: In cases where a party faces an unfavorable pretrial ruling, an appellate lawyer can explore options like filing a mandamus or pursuing an interlocutory appeal. These avenues can provide timely redress for pretrial matters.
    • Trial support: Having an appellate lawyer in the second chair at trial can alleviate some pressure on the trial lawyer. They can handle objections motions for directed verdicts and oversee issues related to the jury charge and in limine.
    • Post-trial matters: Following the conclusion of the trial, an appellate lawyer can ensure timely filing of requests for findings, address sufficiency objections, and handle motions for new trials or other post-judgment motions. Their knowledge and experience are crucial in this phase.

    Incorporating an appellate family law lawyer into the trial team can bolster your case’s overall strategy and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Their specialized knowledge and focus on legal nuances can make a significant difference in navigating complex family law proceedings.

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    Family law cases are often complex and emotional. The stakes are even higher if you believe you have a reason to appeal your case. You need a fierce family law advocate on your side who can handle your case with the utmost professionalism.

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