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If you lost a loved one or are currently administering an estate, navigating the probate process can be stressful and difficult. The complexities of probate law in Texas often require professional guidance to ensure that your loved one’s assets get properly distributed, and their final wishes are carried out.

That’s where Fiegel Law can help. Our experienced probate attorney is dedicated to providing aggressive representation and protecting families during this difficult time. If you need a Helotes probate attorney, look no further than Fiegel Law.

Why Choose Fiegel Law for Your Helotes Probate Case?

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When handling probate cases, you want a law firm with a proven track record of success and an in-depth understanding of Texas probate law. Fiegel Law offers a unique combination of experience, compassion, and dedication that sets us apart from other firms. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your probate case:

Aggressive Litigation Representation

Probate cases can sometimes become contentious, especially when family members disagree about the distribution of assets or the validity of a will. At Fiegel Law, we are known for our aggressive litigation representation. We will fight tirelessly to protect your interests and your loved one’s wishes.


Experience in Texas Probate Law

Probate laws can vary from state to state, and you want to work with an attorney with extensive knowledge of the specific laws in Texas. Our team at Fiegel Law has experience handling probate cases in Texas and will guide you through the process with precision.

Compassionate Support for Families

Losing a loved one is never easy, and we understand how emotionally challenging it can be to navigate the probate process. Fiegel Law is committed to providing compassionate support for families during this difficult time. We will be there for you every step of the way, offering guidance, reassurance, and personalized attention.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Probate cases involve complex legal procedures and paperwork that can be overwhelming for individuals without legal experience. Hiring a probate attorney from Fiegel Law ensures you file everything appropriately throughout the process. We will handle all the necessary paperwork, court filings, and negotiations on your behalf, allowing you to focus on grieving and healing.

Overview of Probate in Texas

Before delving deeper into how Fiegel Law can oversee your probate case, it’s wise to have a general understanding of the probate process in Texas. Probate is the legal process after someone passes away to distribute their assets and settle any outstanding debts.

Here’s a brief overview of the probate process in Texas:

  • Filing the will: If the deceased person left a valid will, it must be filed with the appropriate probate court in the county where they resided.
  • Estate Planning DocumentAppointment of an executor: The court will appoint an executor, also known as a personal representative, to manage the probate process. If there is no will or no executor named in the will, the court will appoint an administrator.
  • Inventory and appraisal: The executor is responsible for identifying and collecting the deceased person’s assets, appraising them if necessary, and preparing an inventory.
  • Payment of debts and taxes: The executor must pay any outstanding debts and taxes owed by the deceased person’s estate before distributing the remaining assets.
  • Distribution of assets: Once the estate pays all debts and taxes, the executor can distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries named in the will or determined by Texas law if there is no will.
  • Closing the estate: After all assets have been distributed, the executor must file a final account with the court and obtain approval for the closing of the estate.

While this is a simplified overview of the probate process, it highlights the importance of having an experienced probate attorney by your side. Fiegel Law can guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that everything proceeds accurately and efficiently.

Who Needs a Probate Attorney?

Not every estate requires probate or legal representation, but having a probate attorney is essential in complex or contentious cases. Here are some situations where you may need a probate attorney:

Complex or Disputed Estates

If the estate is complex or there is disagreement among family members about the distribution of assets, hire a probate attorney. We can help navigate the complexities of the probate process and provide legal guidance to settle disputes.

Multiple Beneficiaries or Creditors

If there are multiple beneficiaries named in the will or multiple creditors claiming debts against the estate, a probate attorney can ensure that all parties receive fair treatment and that the estate gets distributed accordingly.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Our probate attorney can also assist with estate planning and asset protection strategies to minimize estate taxes and ensure your loved one’s assets are distributed according to their wishes.

Legal Experience and Guidance

Even if the estate seems straightforward, having a probate attorney can provide peace of mind and ensure you meet all legal requirements. We can also provide guidance on the most efficient ways to handle the probate process, saving you time and money.

How Our Probate Lawyer Can Assist Throughout the Process

At Fiegel Law, our probate lawyer understands the complexities of the probate process and is committed to providing comprehensive assistance and guidance. Here’s how our probate lawyer can benefit you throughout the process:

Estate Administration

Our probate lawyer will handle all aspects of estate administration, including filing the necessary paperwork, communicating with the court and other parties involved, and meeting all deadlines.

Asset and Debt Evaluation

Our probate lawyer will evaluate the assets and debts of the deceased person’s estate to determine the estate’s value and identify any outstanding liabilities. This includes appraising assets, dealing with creditors, and properly paying debts.

Probate Lawyer

Beneficiary Representation

If you are a beneficiary of the estate, our probate lawyer can protect your rights and interests throughout the process. We will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you receive your rightful share of the estate.

Dispute Resolution

If any disputes arise during the probate process, our probate lawyer is prepared to represent your interests and work towards a fair resolution. They will negotiate with other parties involved and, if necessary, advocate for you in court.

Efficient Estate Distribution

Our probate lawyer will work diligently to ensure that the estate is distributed efficiently and according to the deceased person’s wishes or Texas law if there is no will. We will handle all necessary paperwork, communicate with beneficiaries, and ensure the distribution process goes smoothly.

Consult Our Helotes Probate Lawyer Today

Dealing with the probate process can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone.

An experienced probate attorney at Fiegel Law is here to provide the representation and support you need during this difficult time. Whether you need assistance with estate administration, asset evaluation, beneficiary representation, or dispute resolution, we have the experience and dedication to guide you through the process.

Contact us today at (210) 699-7291 for your consultation with our Helotes probate lawyers. Let Fiegel Law serve as your trusted partner in navigating the probate process.

“Mr. Fiegel was recently my lawyer for a family matter that included complex situations (50/50 custody, combative coparent). He stuck with me, for 10 months while a whirlwind of situations/petitions occurred. He never made me feel like I was asking too many questions, always made me feel like I my case was the only case, had great HONEST advice that allowed me to see situations in the context of family law AND we won absolutely everything I wanted and more (at a great price). All based off his ability to navigate the sometimes unfair family court system. I’ll never use another lawyer. Thanks Beau!”
- Cynthia Jajo

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